New Directions Down Syndrome Association has funds available to assist families with a variety of expenses that can occur in raising a child/adult with Down syndrome. New Directions wants to be sure that families do not experience unnecessary challenges due to the often high costs of supporting a child/adult with a disability.

This program is made possible by funds raised at the Buddy Walk.


  • Travel Assistance: This is for out-of-town appointments to cover travel expenses (mileage, meals, lodging and airfare.) Please include a confirmation of the appointment. Reimbursement for expenses will be made after the appointment.
  • Medical Bills: This includes hospital or doctor’s office bills not covered by insurance and/or the insurance deductible. Please include a copy of the bill.
  • Therapy Bills: This includes physical, occupational, speech, music, vision therapies or other types of therapy not covered by insurance. Please include a copy of the bill.
  • Special Equipment: This includes glasses, hearing aids, orthodontics, orthotics (shoe inserts, remolding helmets, leg braces, etc.), wheelchairs and accessories, and feeding tubes. (This does not include cars, accessible vehicles, wheelchair ramps, bath lifts, or therapeutic toys not covered by insurance.) Please include a copy of the doctor’s prescription for the equipment.
  • Prescription Medication: This includes any prescription medication prescribed for your child/adult that is not covered by insurance. Reimbursement for expenses will be made after payment to pharmacy has been made. Please include a copy of the prescription and receipts
    from the pharmacy showing proof of payment.
  • Conferences and Seminars: This includes registration fees, airfare, mileage, meals and lodging costs. Please include a copy of the conference/seminar information.
  • Adoption Fees: This includes the adoption fees and childcare costs associated with adoption training. Please include a copy of the adoption fees and childcare costs.




    • All applications relating to medical appointment travel assistance, medical and therapy bills, special equipment and prescriptions must be considered a medical necessity by a physician/therapist and must be accompanied by a letter from the primary care physician/therapist.
    • Funding is available for the balance remaining after other insurance and/or Medicaid payments have been made.
    • Families that do not have insurance, or are self-pay and are applying for assistance with medical bills or therapy bills must apply for Medicaid before assistance is rendered.
    • Applicants will be notified if their application was approved and the amount of assistance to be provided.
    • Limited funds are available. All applications may not be funded. Requests will be kept confidential.

Complete the form below, or download the PDF and return it by mail to apply for Financial Assistance.